Menu and Sizes


8" Serves 12            $34.00*

9" Serves 15             $38.00*

10" Serves 20            $44.00*

12" Serves 40             $64.00*

14" Serves 60             $95.00*

16" Serves 80           $140.00*

18" Serves 100         $180.00*

*Handmade decorations are available at an additional cost



  • Strawberry Grand Marnier
    Gold cake, white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries, G.M.
  • Chocolate Torte
    Chocolate or gold cake, chocolate mousse or white chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate-Mocha Torte
    Chocolate or gold cake, chocolate mocha mousse
  • Chocolate Oreo Torte
    Chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse & crushed oreos
  • Black Forest Torte
    Chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries & chocolate, cherry liquor
  • Tiramisu
    Gold cake, mascarpone mousse & coffee flavor
  • Raspberry Chambord Torte
    Chocolate or gold cake, raspberry chambord mousse
  • Marble Torte
    Marble cake, chocolate or white chocolate mousse
  • Carrot Torte
    Carrot cake, walnuts, cream cheese & apricot jam
  • Mimosa Torte
    Gold cake, orange champagne mousse
  • Lemon Citron Torte
    Gold cake, refreshing lemon mousse
  • Champagne Torte
    Chocolate or gold cake, chocolate champagne mousse
  • Kahlua Torte
    Marble cake, chocolate Kahlua mousse
  • Bailey's Cream Torte
    Gold cake, chocolate Bailey's cream mousse
  • Hazelnut Torte
    Hazelnut cake, one layer chocolate mousse and one layer white chocolate mousse
  • Cognac Truffle
    Gold cake, white chocolate truffle mousse
  • Banana Cream 
    Chocolate or gold cake, banana mousse
  • Pina Colada
    Gold cake, fresh cut strawberries, pineapple, coconut and white chocolate mousse
  • Lemon Raspberry
    Gold cake, one layer lemon mousse and one layer raspberry mousse
  • Triple Berry *
    Chocolate or gold cake, fresh strawberry, raspberry and blueberry with white chocolate mousse (starting at an additional $10.00 fee and higher)
  • *additional $10.00 or more
    Funfetti/White Chocolate Mousse
    Rum Cake
    Banana Split Marble cake/Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse

    Small: $30   Large: $34
    New York
    Apple Spice
    Raspberry Chambord
    White Chocolate Bailey's
    Chocolate Peppermint
    Egg Nog
    Chocolate Champagne

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