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Konditor Meister Günther Mösinger is a creative and passionate pastry chef with experience and education in a broad range of specialty baking, and he knew from an early age that his career would take a culinary path. He was born in the beautiful historic town of Freiburg in the Black Forest. Living on a farm, and being the second oldest of four children, he learned early on how to grow and prepare foods for daily living. The favorite place in the family home was his mother's kitchen, where he developed his deep passion for baking and cooking. This is also where he learned to value and appreciate natural foods. He loved to bake with his mother, trying out many family recipes especially during Christmas time and other Holidays.

When he was only 12 years old, he had his first job as a delivery boy bringing rolls to people's houses with the bike. However, this bakery became his second home for two years. During that time Günther found out that he wanted to become a Konditor Meister, which is a confectionary chef, because he was fascinated and intrigued by all the wonderful confectionary creations that can be done. He also learned the importance of being a detail oriented professional with a flair for creating custom designs.

At 14 years of age, Günther started his education to become a Konditor Meister. After seven years of schooling and practice in the finest Hotels and Cafes in Freiburg, he earned his title. For the next six years he continued to work in the Colombi Hotel, with the best chefs in the area.

In 1981 Günther moved to Boston Massachusetts and worked at the Ritz Carlton. Despite no English language skills, he impressed the chefs with his knowledge, creativity, eye for detail, ability to merge flavor, taste and look to a mouthwatering perfection. He was a very strict and demanding chef. He made sure things got done right the first time. Dedication to product and the ability to exceed customer expectations is what he strives for in each of his cakes. That is also the place where famous chefs like Julia Child and politicians like the Kennedys enjoyed Günther's fancy desserts and cakes.

In 1985, after only four years at the Ritz, he decided to set up shop in Quincy Massachusetts specializing in custom Wedding and all occasion cakes. Eventually he left the Ritz and put all his time and energy in his own shop that he named Konditor Meister. The business was so successful that he had to move to a bigger location after ten years. At the new location in Braintree, business continued to go strong, and to this day, Günther works tirelessly to improve the quality and look of his cakes. He continues to impress old and new customers with new creations and flavors that are customized for their occasion. Over the years, the Strawberry Grand Marnier cake was established as Konditor Meister's signature cake, with the chocolate dipped strawberries.

Konditor Meister was nationally recognized by the Today Show and made Best of Boston and Best of the Knot in New England.

Günther still gets up every morning, first one in the bakery to turn the ovens on and bake the first batch of cakes. He puts his heart and soul in every cake and pastry that goes out the door. With over 40 years experience, Günther's commitment to doing things right is evident in every Konditor Meister cake. Today Konditor Meister has 75 employees and a huge facility in Braintree, Massachusetts.

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