Title: Bridal Consultant

Description: We are looking for a dedicated bridal consultant to guide our customers through their cake buying experience. Candidates should have good communication skills, a motivated work ethic, and attention to detail. Previous customer service experience is a bonus. 



Title: Customer Service Representative

Description: Customer service representatives are the front line of our business. Our customer service representatives help customers select products and fulfill all transactions with them. Customer service representatives must have good communication and interpersonal skills. A perfect candidate will demonstrate the ability to make every customer's experience a hassle-free and pleasant one.


Title: Driver

Description: Our drivers are responsible for transporting cakes and pastries from the bakery to the client. The transported goods must be handled with care, and can be as heavy as 100 pounds. Drivers must be confident interacting with managerial staff at venues. Work schedules are flexible, and may vary from day to day and week to week. All drivers must have a clean driving record, valid D-class license, and must be 21 or older!


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